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need a specialist in php /Mysql

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job DurationLess than a month
  • Project LevelExpensive
  • Project deadlineExpired
  • Tunisia

Project detail

For now i need a freelancer for help me to make better my migration script.

What i need?

1. I will send a log of the conversation of the first project with the developer who helped me, to you can see what i asked and what he did

2. What i need it is that all the commands he asked me to make it manually to make by the script in automatically, i mean, to dont be readins .txt files to remember what to modify on the database and what to send back to make my app to work

3. the first script done by the freelancer it is called it is moving the table data for the old system to my system (the word document log it is the script i asked to be made)

4. the script called it is helping me to make the database to have in the way my system it is working i mean the things that are null or value of zero (this needs to be checked if it is working correctly because AFAIK it is erasing the info on the database when im moving the dates)

5. one problem we found it is that some of the patients of the OLD database have 2 diagnose, so i will like now to have that info maybe in some row (i never found the patient with two diagnoses hesaid he found i never found if yes we need maybe to change it, but for that we can talk in the project as is going

6. Other issue i found and i needed to correct it manually (i will like to make it automatically) it is that after his migration and modifying my tables i lost the autoincrement value on the new database so i will like to make it in automatic way ( i mean if the migration script needs to alter that for insert data and then when it finishes to restore the autoincrement on the table to perform it automatically)

im attaching to the post the word document of what we talked about in that project for the freelancer to understand what i needed, i put in color red the parts of conversation i think are important for understand what it is doing my script

By the way, im putting the budget because the page asks for, please post your bid budget for help me with the job and we can discuss about that.

warm regards

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Project Completion deadline

December 28, 2021