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Strategic Channel Sales and Marketing Consultant


I help clients to develop their go-to-market strategy by leveraging my strategic planning skills, knowledge, and cumulative industry experiences. I focus on identifying market opportunities that clients can capitalize on given their solutions and services to best exploit their competitive advantages and unique differentiators. I’ve worked with technology solution providers to enhance their partnerships and alliances through selective recruitment, partner enablement and readiness programs. along with building and designing global partner programs. I also specialize in marketing program design and management with a focus on developing lead generation programs, creating marketing plans, content development and management, along with media and analyst relations. I enjoy assisting clients in their go-to-market efforts by taking a holistic approach to their business and determining the optimal strategy for their portfolio offerings and creating a sound strategy and action plan to implement sales and marketing programs that produce a positive return on investment.

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Aziz Hadedd
Email Verified Aziz Hadedd

SEO Expert & Consultant

  • Tunisia
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“A really really good experience working with Idris. Mohit has a deep technical expertise. Something that became quickly evident. He comfortably works with evolving requirements. for e.g. rapid prototyping of a scenario/what-ifs/unknown. Peace of mind with his highly autonomous operating mode once the requirements were communicated. Plus, all the deliveries were met on time with no follow up required. A definite recommend !!!”