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I will make a website to your business


I have a Bachelor of computer science and over 2 years of building websites experience. I specialize in development and design personal, professional, dynamic, or blogs in English. If needed, I can provide minor websites. This means, if something is developed incorrectly or needs “fine tuning”, I will change it to make it more better and efficient.

There are some sellers that offer 1 or even 2 pages for their basic Gig. I offer unlimited pages for my basic $50 Gig Package because I invest quality time and won’t rush through what you provide.

I will:
– develop a website.
– integrate search engine optimization.
– check content and structure.
– provide minor details, if I feel it’s needed.

Please Note:
– I DO NOT accept orders over 50 pages.
– I DO NOT rewrite content.

I am at your service, so feel free to place an order now.

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