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I will edit your video to perfection


Are you looking for a professional video editing service?

would you like to transform your home videos to something super awesome?

I can make your worst random bunch of footage become a marvelous cinematic video.

Let your memories stay with you forever!

I would:

  • Color correct/grade your shots.
  • Create Intro and outro for youtube channel.
  • Create graphics: subscription button, like , bell and etc.
  • edit on music beat,
  • Create a cinematic look,
  • Add audio FX and VFX,
  • Add call-outs and info-graphics
  • Provide Pro level footage and Licence free audio tracks,
  • Edit Interviews,
  • Create Music lyrics videos and music clips.
  • Organize provided video footage to create story line.
  • Apply custom transitions, titles.
  • Render them to Full HD or 4K resolution in any codec requested.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any other edit work.

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Issam Ben Naser
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  • Tunisia
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“\"Very good. Accepting well suggestions, is very flexible on hours\"”