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I am a Tunisian based web developer, PHP developer (specializing in WordPress, Laravel).

My WordPress related skills include manipulating and customizing themes and plugins, building themes from scratch, e-commerce implementation and advanced programming. I also convert designs from any format (Photoshop, Illustrator, Image or even a paper sketch) to a fully working website that’s either based on a framework (Laravel) or coded free handedly. My conversions are pixel perfect and 100% faithful to the source material without exceptions. And thanks to my expertise in PHP, I can build fully customizable Web applications following your vision and the functionalities desired used Laravel framework or WordPress.

Using PHP, JQuery, CSS and HTML I am ready to build customized solutions that suites your business needs.

My Specialties are:
✔ Customize WordPress themes and plugins
✔ WooCommerce integration
✔ Optimizing sites for maximum performance
✔ Safely migrating sites to a new server
✔ Bug fixing
✔ Code reviews
✔ Full-stack WP development
✔ Build Laravel applications
✔ Convert PSD or XD to HTML5
✔ Convert PSD or XD to WordPress
✔ Convert PSD or XD to Laravel blade template.


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