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Python Developer

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Hi,I’m python developer and machine learning engineer .I have good experience in Python.

I have been worked as machine learning engineer for 4 years.

I ‘m focusing in quality ,innovation and different categories of projects:

  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning.
  • Web projects(Django).
  • Data science.

I worked as team and freelancer.




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Machine Learning Engineer

  •  LeRiF France
  •  Mar 2020 - Jun 2021

Developping platform for the management of an epidemic (case of covid-19):
-Build an NoSQL model .
-Develop a service for setting up online surveys.
-Statistical analysis of data"surveys".
-Build the dependcy graph .
-Propose a method based on similarity / times series to compute
-COVID-19 identification in chest X-ray images.
-Applying deep learning algorithm to maintain social distance in public place.
Key words:surveys,data science,identification,social distance .

Machine Learning R&D Engineer

  •  Digital Research Center of Sfax
  •  Feb 2018 - Sep 2020

Build a dataset with the radiative transfer model (DART).
Semantic segmentation of urban scenes based on RGB and thermal data.
Deep learning-based semantic segmentation for 3D point clouds.
3D point cloud registration .
Key words: semantic segmentation,thermal data,3D point clouds,LiDAR point cloud.
Tools: DART,python,pyTorch,tensorFlow,Numpy,sklearn.

Master (M2) Internship

  •  Feb 2017 - Nov 2017

Simulation and forecasting of road traffic using neural networks
artificial (ANN), SVM and KNN: Case of the M6 motorway from Manchester and A1
from Tunisia.


Master’s degree in in Highway and Traffic Engineering:Hit4Med

  •  ENISO
  •  Sep 2015 - Nov 2017

National Diploma of Engineer in Computer Science

  •  ISSATso
  •  Sep 2010 - Jul 2015